Joules 5000 Solar Charger

A battery life saver when you are lost


Finally, a reliable solar charger that will be your Power companion. Dual USB Solar charger that has a built-in premium 5000 mAh polymer battery for high speed solar recharging

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1. Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery
2. Capacity: 5000mAh
3. Input: 5V/1A
4. Output: 5V/2X1A
5. Product Dimension: 142*75*13.6mm
6. Product Weight:150g
7. Color: Black, Green, Blue, Yellow
8. Solar Panel: 5.5V/1.2W
9. AC charging time: about 6 hours

Features of Waterproof Solar Charger

1. Security: It uses brand new lithium polymer batteries with full/real 5000 mAh, brand new PCBA with imported IC and equipped with over-charge/over-discharge/over current protection system.
2. Compatibility: It's compatible with most of mobile devices, such as iphone, ipad, PSP, cameras, etc.
3. Waterproof Function: Daily life waterproof / rianproof /dustproof function, suitable for outdoor activities
4. Technical Process: It adopts Taiwan imported monocrystalline silicon solar panels, frosted surface treatment, efficient absorption of sunlight which 99% directly turn into electrical energy stored in solar charger.
5. Special design: It uses environmentally friendly silica gel and ABS + PC materials, with shockproof and drop resistance function; with hidden dual USB / micro charging port on side; with hook hole design, easy to carry.
6. Identification: 1 solar charging indicator, 3 power display indicators (30% , 70%, 100%) to know the power status anywhere anytime; With ultrabright emergency LED torch design which is suitable for outdoor travel use
7. Standard Accessories: machine, packaging, USB cable, adapter, carabiners

SOLAR CHARGER IS TOO SLOW TO CHARGE? We come to the solution to have a built-in high quality polymer battery combine with the Best solar panel. It had been more than 5 years since the solar charger was invented, but we finally invented an efficient solar charger. Dual USB to charge your mobile devices. In case you run out of power in the middle of nowhere, don't be panic, the solar power panel will generate power for you to make emergency call under the sunlight. What could be more life saver..