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AMADEUS Boombox will take you to another level of music. This is the killer all of major brand speakers. It features 5000 mAh of portable battery that can boosts most smartphones battery life by 200%, yet it lets you listen the music wirelessly.

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Product Model BT5XX AMADEUS
Bluetooth Specifications:CSR V3.0
Transmission Distance:????0M
USB Recharge Voltage: DC 5V
Battery: 5000 mAhLithium Polymer Battery
Charging Time:; 5-7 hours
Speaker Output Power: 5W

Input: 1A, DC 5 V

Charging Output : 2.0 A
Rated Volatage: 3.7V DC
Channel: mono
Frequency Response: 180Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 80db?2db
Distortion: THD < 1%
Product Dimensions: Diameter: 66mm * 95mm Height
Weight: 267g

This is going to amaze everybody who buy this powerful portable gadget and yet it does not break your bank. This is the daddy of all portable wireless mini speakers in the industry. It features 5000 mAh built internal battery that can stream more than 50 hours of music, and yet can charge your mobile devices at your fingertips.