Charzon, an emerging award-winning international design studio known for innovative and sleek, and miniature products created for consumers seeking relevant and honest solutions with a forward design aesthetic. A true atelier, the studio enjoys drawing from their interests in art, architecture, travel, fashion, music and excellent coffee, to create a synergy of product, graphic and interactive design. The Charzon brand has come to manifest itself as an extension of the vibrant and fresh team that values embracing their passions.The enjoyment and inspiration from life is easily carried into the studio and translates into successful timeless products.

In addition to its Charzon branded products, the company has also created design commissions for major corporations including ESPN, Casesar Palace , Chicago Poker Tournament, Trina Truk, Metlife , many other Fortune 1000 brands that benefit from a contemporary look. Charzon is headquartered in Los Angeles with a studio in Shenzhen , China

Work With Us

From the simple iphone case to the elegant The Sanctuary, our now distinctive product line has evolved with our design philosophy of solving everyday problems. The Charzon story has involved many who have worked with us to build our success. Whether you discover us in the media, at a trade show, online or at your local retailer, we hope you like our products. Please reach out to us with any comments, questions or inquiries about Charzon and our products.

Retailers and Distributors
If you are a retailer or a distributor seeking to partner with Charzon, please feel free to contact us. Our distribution and retailer list continues to grow as Charzon and our product lines expand.

The success of Charzon is an ever evolving story. Due to our love of design we are always happy to meet and work with other designers, inventors and artists. We have had the opportunity to license award winning Charzon products from other like minded designers. If you would like to work with Charzon, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not accept or seek any unsolicited designs and ideas but contact us to determine the proper process for submitting product ideas for review.

CHARZON Around The World
Key to Charzon success is building both end-user and retail buyer loyalty and being first to market with innovative, design conscious and competitively priced products.
Charzon has been granted patents and trademarks for the steadily growing own-brand consumer accessories product-line. Headquartered in Los Angeles with design studio in Shenzhen, China, manufacturing in China and Indonesia, and warehousing in Hong Kong and a network of global distribution partners spanning over 35 countries.

The stylish and unique nature of CHARZON products provide an exceptional platform to promote a brand or company. The universal appeal, function and design associated with CHARZON products has lead to great success in the promotional and corporate gift market. Our diverse products have served as uniquely effective promotional gifts for major clients such as ESPN , Caesar Palace, Chicago Poker Tournament, and many others.